Making it easier for your patients to stick with it

We provide all the logistical services your patients need during the study.

  • Ground Transportation - For those unable to self-drive, transportation will be arranged and paid for by Scout Clinical. We tailor the type of vehicle used to match the patient’s needs as well as the study’s budget. Scout Clinical has partnerships with ride-share, taxi, sedan, bus and non-emergency ambulance companies. And while it’s not technically “ground transportation”, we have provided boat services for several patients living remotely.
  • Home Visits - Scout Clinical can arrange and pay for transportation to take the site (e.g., a coordinator or study nurse) to the patient.
  • IP Transfer - Scout Clinical can transport study IP from the site to the patient, or from the patient back to the site.
  • Air/Rail Travel - For patients who require air or rail services to travel to the site, this will be arranged and paid for by Scout Clinical. This includes all seat assignment fees, checked baggage fees and wheelchair assistance.
  • Hotel Accommodation - For patients who require overnight accommodation, hotel will be arranged and paid for by Scout Clinical. Where possible, we utilize the sites’ preferred hotels to ensure the patients stay in suitable accommodations as close as possible to the site.
  • Long Term Housing - For patients who require long-term care, housing may be arranged and paid by Scout Clinical. This includes apartment leases.
  • Visa Assistance - If medical/travel visas are required for the patient to travel to their site, these will be arranged and paid for by Scout Clinical.
  • Travel/Health Insurance - Where possible, Scout Clinical can coordinate the purchase of short-term travel insurance, and for patients relocating internationally, medical insurance.
  • Special Assistance - Scout Clinical Patient Liaisons are available to provide any additional assistance patients and sites may have during the study. If you don’t see it listed, just ask us!