Scout Portal

The one-stop-shop for site and patient requests.

Our online portal is an easy-to-use platform where sites and patients make travel and reimbursement requests.

The Scout portal is a proprietary, web-based platform that is accessible via computer or mobile device.

The portal is user-friendly, can be translated into the user’s local language and complies with all HIPAA, GDPR and other country-specific data privacy laws.

Once a patient is registered in the Scout Clinical system by the site, a trip/payment request is submitted by either the patient or the site administrator. Trip logistics and/or payment requests are then arranged by the Scout Patient Liaison and fulfilled by our global team. Depending on the ICF language, Scout Clinical can restrict patient access to the Portal.

Scout portal was hand-crafted by Scout Clinical. It provides the flexibility to accommodate the unique needs of every sponsor, study, country, site and patient including detailed reporting, transparent billing and regulatory compliance.

To request a demo, please contact Scout Clinical at