Easing the financial burden for your patients

We provide quick and convenient reimbursement and payment options in multiple currencies.

Not only is IRB/EC approval required for clinical trial patient reimbursements and payments, but every country has varying legal, financial and regulatory restrictions that must be adhered to. Scout Clinical’s regulatory team stays abreast of these to ensure that the payment options offered to each patient remain compliant. Whenever possible, Scout Clinical offers patients three forms of payment from which to select:

  1. Electronic funds transfer directly into the patient’s bank account (over 80% of patients choose this method)
  2. ScoutPass reloadable debit card (cards are sent directly to the patient thereby removing the burden from the site)
  3. Check (available in over 30 currencies)

Each patient within a study may select, on a visit by visit basis, which form of payment they prefer at no additional cost to the sponsor. Types of clinical trial patient payments include:

  • Reimbursements: patients are reimbursed for approved out-of-pocket expenses such as mileage, meals or taxis
  • Stipend Payments: a fixed amount of money is paid to the patient; examples of stipend payments include meal per diems or time loss compensation
  • Post-Study Payments: utilize IRB/EC approved monetary compensation to contribute to patient retention for long-term post-study follow-up visits
  • Data-Triggered Payments: Automatic payment upon completion of an activity associated with a milestone or study requirement such as e-diary completion or home health visits, often used in decentralized trials.