Everything you need for clinical trial patient travel and patient reimbursement, nothing you don’t. Scout’s Honor!

Scout Clinical, a part of the Meeting Protocol family, offers comprehensive clinical trial patient services that are adaptable to fit your precise needs. We have over 25 years of experience offering a stress-free, confidential, and personalized process of supporting patients in centralized and decentralized studies anywhere in the world. Need visas, flights, stipends, ICF language, and more for your patients? We’ve got you. Just need help with transportation or clinical trial patient reimbursements? We’ve still got you.

Our full range of patient services benefit the Sponsor, CRO, Site Personnel, and most importantly,


Lessen administrative burdens allowing sites to focus on patient care and clinical research.

Provide a dedicated Patient Liaison to serve as the single point-of-contact.


Reduce the stress of travel, cost, and other barriers related to patient retention by arranging all aspects of clinical trial patient travel.

Ensure expeditious patient reimbursements and payments via our reloadable ScoutPass debit card, check, or electronic funds transfer.

Access to 24-hour live, multilingual customer service.


Increase patient retention by mitigating difficulties related to clinical trial patient travel and patient reimbursement.

Assist with the regulatory process related to patient services.

Maintain budget control, trial integrity, and patient privacy with Scout’s customized, on-demand, transparent reporting.