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We’ve moved people and managed payments in over 100 countries, a reflection of the depth and breadth of our industry knowledge. We work where you work.

We’ve worked on studies ranging from 2 to 2,000 patients. Our solid reputation, flexible attitude, and consistent performance have led to our being selected as a preferred provider for numerous pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and CRO companies.

We provide transparent costs, budgets, and reporting throughout the life of the study, making it easy for our clients to calculate the value of the services we provide their patients. We take an innovative approach to patient services—each study is hand-built and customized to meet the needs of the sponsor on a country by country, site by site and patient by patient basis.

All Scout Project Managers have a clinical research background. They know how to navigate the regulatory environment and understand the specific needs of the sponsor, the site and the patient. Our Patient Liaisons have clinical trial, customer service and global travel experience. Learn more about the patient experience here.

We're part of the Meeting Protocol family. Just like we take great care of your sites during an Investigators’ Meeting, we will take great care of your patients during the study. Learn more about our parent company here.


Here are some of the people who help pull off your study without a hitch.


We operate with the same philosophy that we adopted when formed in 1996—to create a culture where customer service and value are not lip service, but are the essence and soul of everything we do.

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